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Natural Green Funerals

What is a Natural Funeral?

A Natural Funeral has a different meaning for everyone.

At Cleveland Funeral Home, we promote a Natural Funeral as a state of "Being mindful of our environment" while being aware of the financial impact on your family.
Because natural funerals are only restricted by your own expectations they can still include your family farewelling you at a traditional funeral service, also the options of burial, cremation, partial or no preparation are still available to you.

We promote the casket be of a natural product such as pine or wicker. At Cleveland Funeral Home we offer natural back boards and shrouds, wicker caskets, untreated pine, and should you choose to, you can be proactive in providing your own natural casket.

The family at Cleveland Funeral Home are very happy to provide you with assistance and guidance to facilitate your wishes and the wishes of your loved ones.