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Viewing is a very personal experience. It is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to spend time viewing prior to the funeral service. People have often commented later how it had helped them to gain an acceptance that a loved one had died and how pleased they were that they had. It may also be helpful for children to view.

Some people wish to spend time with a loved one at the Funeral Home while others may wish to have loved ones at home in familiar surroundings. If at the time of the arrangements you are undecided about viewing please do not hesitate to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your Funeral Director.

At Cleveland Funeral Home we encourage families to discuss these options and we are happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Family arriving at the service

Some families wish to arrive early to greet people as they arrive at the funeral service. Others prefer to arrive shortly before the start of the service because they find it difficult to face a lot of people at this time.

Your Funeral Director, Celebrant or Minister will advise you prior to the service where to park on your arrival at the service and will be there to meet you and to show you to your seats.


It is up to the family to decide who they wish to be pallbearers. They can be family members, friends or members of clubs or organisations that the deceased may have belonged to. It is quite appropriate for ladies to be pallbearers. It is preferred that the pallbearers make themselves known to the Funeral Director prior to the start of the funeral service.

Placement of ashes

The placement of ashes is a decision that can be made at the time of the funeral arrangements or at a later date. If you have not made this decision at the time of the funeral arrangements your Funeral Director will arrange for them to be cared for at our Funeral Home.

You should not feel in any way pressured into making an immediate decision. Your Funeral Director at Cleveland Funeral Home will advise you on all the options and alternatives available to you.