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The person making the funeral arrangements is responsible for the expenses incurred, however when there is an executor, such as a solicitor or public trustee, the funeral account can be forwarded directly to them. They will make arrangements for the payment of the account.

Cleveland Funeral Home offer a reduction for early settlement of the funeral account. The terms of this deduction will be detailed on the account. The Funeral Account is usually generated when the Death Certificate arrives, from Central Registrar Office in Wellington, unless otherwise requested.

If there are concerns regarding the payment of the funeral expenses it is important that you discuss these with us as early as possible. Our staff can advise you what assistance you may be entitled to.

Funeral support benefits:

Depending on circumstances you may be able to apply to Income Support for a funeral grant to assist you with the funeral expenses. Your Funeral Director can assist you with submitting the necessary forms.

If a death has occurred due to an accident, the Accident Compensation Corporation will contribute toward the payment of the funeral expenses. Your Funeral Director can assist you with submitting the necessary forms.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have regarding the funeral arrangements with us at Cleveland Funeral Home.

Funeral Accounts are made up of three parts:-

  • The Professional Services.
  • The Casket.
  • Other Costs.

The professional service charge

Our professional services are calculated by way of a costing formula, and represents the fees charged to carry out the funeral arrangements, as directed by the family or executor.

The casket

At Cleveland Funeral Home, we encourage the selection of the casket by the family. We have a wide range of beautifully crafted caskets in both wood grain and solid timber. Coloured caskets are also available on request. To make a personal statement we have a patterned casket range available. These include a seascape scene, clouds, footprints in the sand, native flora to favourite animals. Prices vary depending on the family’s choice and are quoted at the time of selection.

Other costs

Other costs are those items that we arrange and pay for on the family’s behalf such as newspaper notices, flowers, and catering costs.